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What makes Ad Tech Media different from the other online advertising firms available today? It’s quite simple, really: Instead of relying on the “big guys” like Google and Facebook to help you reach your prospective customers, our method of advertising empowers small businesses to keep their advertising power—and money—in their own hands.

Gone are the days where you have to take the time reach out to potential customers one-on-one practically spam people to get them interested in your products and services. With our specific and effective targeted advertising methods, you’ll develop more of an opt-in style of advertising. Essentially, your customers will be giving you permission to reach out to them, increasing the likelihood that they’ll respond positively when you do.

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Whether you’re looking to advertise your company or you’re a webmaster who wants more control over the ads displayed on your site, we can help.

For advertisers, we offer direct access to webmasters who can help best promote your products, services, and brand. And if you’re a webmaster, you can earn cash from companies that work directly with us, giving you greater control over your website while increasing your revenue as the same time.

We connect advertisers and webmasters in a more straightforward but also personal way. With our approach, advertisers can avoid spending thousands of dollars learning and using PPC (pay-per-click), and the webmasters can make cash by having full control on the type of ads on their sites. It’s truly a win-win for everyone involved.

In 2017, Google generated $77.79 billion selling ads, with the average cost-per-click for AdWords on Google Display Network being $0.72. This may not sound like a lot of money for your business to spend on advertising, but the average click-through rate across 16 industries is roughly 3.3 percent. This means that your marketing budget can easily get out of control when you try to reach more consumers.

And wouldn’t it be nice, as a webmaster, to receive money for hosting ads electronically? With us, you do because we pay our webmasters via PayPal. In fact, more and more people are using digital payment sites like PayPal, with this company reporting revenue growth of 26 percent in the fourth quarter of 2017. Additionally, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman shared that Venmo—the company’s pay site directed toward millennials—has doubled user volume for 15 consecutive quarters.

After interviewing 50 different publishers, one company found that content marketing gets three times as many leads per dollar as paid searches. It also helps build more public trust while creating happier, more engaged clients. So, if you want to connect with your target audience, it’s important to create and publish the right marketing content, which is exactly what we do for our clients.

Every article we write is designed to marry our clients’ branding with the webmasters whose site the content will be placed upon. This helps businesses improve their reach in a way that many buyers today prefer, because it’s part of a conversation and not a direct statement.

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